We were looking for a model for a really hard fetish shoot, and since Sylvia had already caught our eye and impressed us by one of our promotion actions
we asked her and after a moment to think it over
she said yes!
Sylvi is a really nice girl and we were elated that
she agreed to take part.

The shooting was our first ``Peeing in the mouth´´ - scenario and consisted of girl/girl and boy/girl scenes. The first boy/girl scene was the first time for both.
We positioned Sylvi as urinal next to the the toilet bowl and she performed really well and had a lot of fun playing this game.
It is also important to note that here we are dealing with one of the hardest scenes that an actress or actor can by asked to perform. The man must remain half erect the whole time and simutaineously mantaining
a continuous urine flow. The girl must then begin to suck while at the same time her mouth is full of urine.

In performing this act there is no getting around the fact that some is always swallowed. When you´ve done this ten times then you´ll know why the models here earn their money!


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