Sophie is a 19 year old model and without question one of the hottest that we´ve ever had before our cameras! She is a fashion model and has til now several soft solo and lesbian shootings for various magazines to her credit. This, However, is her first real experience with a true hardcore shooting. Everything started well, Sophie had a first rate attitude but was a little nervous.

For these situations, we have Cameron on the set. She is our assisstent and has the uncanny ability to calm nervous girlsAnd get them in the mood. It didn´t take long before we were ready to with the hardcore shooting. A young girls ass can only take so much stretching, so we thought it would be best when we got the large objects out of the way early. Because the black baseball bat was a little tooo big for a beginners asshole, we started with the fat steel dildo. First we played with the kitty, but then as soon a possible we rammed it in the ass. Our philosophy is clear: The kitty of a girl is for her pleasure there, the ass, however, is for ours! After we loosend her up and she was lying there so unbelievably sexy (Her legs behind her head with her hot pouting rosa red asshole smiling up at us) We then did let the big black bat some swings in.

Cameron was great. She knew just how to open Sophies ass up so that she could slowly drop the baseball bat in ever deeper. We hope you enjoy the scene as much as we did. We also recommend the speculum and the shower scenes, but you should see for yourself and make up your own mind. In any case we had a lot of fun.


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