Claudia is a Truely lovable girl, someone you really enjoy hanging with.
We love Claudias sexual mindset and her openness in reguard to the erotic. Itīs truely satisfying to work with a model that does everything exactly the way you tell her to. Especially when it came to peeing. She has a strong and very erotic urine.

You wish that all girls would be soon easy to work with as Claudia.
Pay attenton to the chair scene or the golden shower scene in the tiger dress. She brings it so naturally across that she is sure to be the dream of every watersport fan. We believe that Claudia is simply a girl that is proud to present herself and reveal all of her intimate moments with you. We used our entire array of instruments with her: Baseball bat, analspeculum, vaginalspeculum, cold metal, whatever it was she was game.A truly amazing thing to watch is when Claudia give a salacious ass to mouth show! Itīs simply wonderful to see a beautiful model who really has fun with anal and fetish! Claudia plans to start her own web site with a few of her girl friends.

We wish her much luck with this idea. When her friends are just half as sexy and open as she is then weīre convinced that it will be a huge success.


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